Variable Pulsed Light (IPL)


(The Evolution of Light)

The next generation of effective, long term permanent hair removal, red vein/pigmentation removal and skin rejuvenation.
Hair removal: 8-10 treatments,
Red vein removal: 1-2 treatments
Pigmentation: 2- 4 treatments
Skin rejuvenation (face) 300 1 treatment - a course of 5 is required. Prepay for 4 treatments and get one VPL treatment free. By using micro dermabrasion with pigmentation and skin rejuvenation this will fast track results and improve out come.

1st VPL Treatment


One month after 1st Treatment


What is VPL?

VPL is a safe and effective treatment that uses flashes of light to rejuvenate your skin, reduce unwanted hair and remove red veins and pigmentation.

Is all VPL equipment the same?

No, different makes of machines are quite different in power output, speed of treatments, most importantly effectiveness of results. We use leading-edge Energist VPL Ultra equipment to ensure we deliver the very best of results.


What is skin rejuvenation?

As time goes by, the effects of ageing and environment begin to show up on the surface of your skin. When this happens, you develop fine lines and your skin begins to sag.

VPL also stimulates the cells responsible for producing collagen, thereby improving the texture of your skin, refining the size of your pores and diminishing the appearance of fine lines. It is ideal for the face, neck, chest and back of hands.

All our Clinic Therapist are re certified with up to date training by 'Energist'trainer for safe and excellent results.

Welcome To Ultra VPL

The Ultra VPL™ is the most advanced skin treatment & hair removal product available.

Utilising state-of-the-art Variable Pulsed Light VPLTM technology the Ultra VPLTM enables optimal treatment protocols for all skin types, ensuring safe, fast and effective treatment.

The ULTRA VPL™ is a powerful new generation pulsed light that specifically targets different treatments by changing the way the pulses of light are emitted. It's finally possible to target different chromophores at different depths safely with one machine.
The ULTRA VPL™ is the most advanced professional skin treatment & hair removal product available today.The ULTRA VPL™ delivers a changeable sequence of very rapid short pulses of light energy. Unlike other pulsed light systems, VPL™ can change the number of pulses, their length or duration, and most importantly the space of delay between pulses. Properly used, VPL™ takes regular pulsed light to new levels of effectiveness and safety.

Why is the Ultra VPLTM different?

The Ultra VPLTM delivers a sequence of very rapid short pulses of light energy which, unlike other pulsed light systems, can be varied in time, duration, and delay time between each pulse, in order to create optimal treatment protocols for a wide variety of skin conditions and hair removal. Treatment using the Ultra VPLTM does not involve ablation or physical penetration of the skin and is infinitely more patient friendly with minimal recovery time required.

The Ultra VPLTM is one of the most powerful


Other areas can be treated –

*Prices per treatment/treatments for face every 6 weeks for the body every 8 weeks.

VPL Red Vein Removal

From 90.00

The next generation of effective, long term permanent hair removal, red vein removal and skin rejuvenation.

Hair Removal: 6-10 treatments, See Price List for very Competitive Prices
Red Vein removal: 1-2 treatments

Red Vein/Pigmentation/Fine lines & wrinkles Contact us for a consultation re above treatments.

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