MINX Spray Tan

Minx Bronzing Professional Liquids are designed for:- Prescriptive Spray Tanning

Prescriptive spray tanning iswhen a tanning therapist determins which Minx bronzing professional liquid to use on the client after a thorough client consultation. During this consultation the tanning therapist will utilise their knowlwdge and take into consideration various factors such as what the client wishes to achieve, what colour bronzers are in the Professional Liquids and the depths of the result to be achieved.

Minx Bronzing Liquids as a general quide will give the following results:-

2  hours for 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone

4 hours for 4 shades darker than your natural skin tone

6 hours for 6 shades darker than your natural skin tone

 Minx Spraytanning home care products for a longer lasting tan - available in store.

Miss M has developed a plan systematic pattern of actions necessary to provide constant formulas and the freshest possible products with the expectation that these products are problem free and are able to perform the tasks they were designed for.  Along with retail products that compliment our prescriptive spray tanning philosophy. providing clients the ability to care for their skin, both before and after tanning in order to achieve the best results.

Full Body - $50.00
Half Body (Top half or Bottom Half) - $29.00


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